ABC provides an array of services to assist you in starting, and or growing your business, services that has our core values integrated at the very heart of all we do.

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Business Management

Website Design

Graphic Design

Business Management.

Allen Business Consultants has a vested Interest in change management and have guided many organizations through turbulent times to succeed against all odds and we continue to consult with small– mid-size companies developing strategies to meet the daily challenges while striving to fulfilling the goals and mission set by the organization.

business management
web design

Web Design.

a. We design and develop websites to perform on all levels. We use modern techniques and technology to maximize your digital solution with Native Rank.
b. Your website is often the first interaction consumers have with your business online. Your website needs to reflect everything your business offers, and most importantly, needs to convert website visitors into customers. Our website design solution will do exactly that!
c. We believe that your website should at all times reflect your brand and promote your products, services or events with a singular goal of virtual exposure. 

Graphic Design.

Creative graphic services go well beyond web or logo design. At ABC, we understand the power the right image has in delivering the right brand message and selling your audience. It is crucial that this be in sync with your organizational or program goals and aligned with your mission.

graphic design


Not certain where to begin? Let us help you. Before we start any marketing commitment, we pose inquiries, and we’re quite insistent about this, we pose more question. We need to find out about you and your business. We need to discover your current identity, your main objectives, and what we can do to help. Why? Since we are not just an outsourced entity, we're your trusted confidants.
We work alongside our customers to develop brand awareness or to promote a campaign, event or product and services. We research your environment to make sure your strategic approach achieves the goals and objectives required. 


Operating a non-profit at it best is always challenging with dwindling resources and increase in demand for services and programs above all requires adequate funding to sustain the delivery of these much-needed programs and services. ABC has the capacity to assist you in meeting those needs. Allen Business Consultants have the experience and knowledge to be able to provide strategic assistance. Our Consultants have successfully secured over $20m in funding assistance and have developed successful programs needed by municipalities.

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